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Here’s a couple of my bright, fun spring designs for F&F Europe

Some new designs at F&F feature my pencil sketches

Here’s a little step by step process showing how I create watercolour placement graphics for regular silkscreen production.^ First, I design the basic layout using a wacom pen in illustrator.

^ Then I take each individual shape and separate it out onto an A4 page. I turn everything pale grey so I can see it on a print-out, but it won’t effect the watercolour.

^ Once the pale grey shapes are printed onto watercolour paper, I paint them in with black paint.

^ The painted shapes are scanned in at 500dpi. I up the contrast in levels and change the image size to 300dpi with Resample Image unchecked. I then convert the entire thing to bitmap with a diffusion dither.

Using the lasso, I select each individual shape, copy, then paste into my illustrator artwork.

^ I rasterise these shapes at 300ppi.

^ They can now be changed to any colour.

^ This process is then repeated with each separate element of the design, the original vector art is kept in place as a guide.

^ Once all of the separate elements are assembled, the artwork is ready for output.

Some of my new girlswear designs are now in F&F. These three show the variety of techniques I use, from photographic imagery in the teacup print, then vector artwork used in the girl butterfly placement, through to a floral all-over repeat pattern in the bottom T.

New placement graphic T at Warehouse

Its a while since I designed this gothic graphic for Warehouse while I was still working in-house for a clothing manufacturer, but its now available to buy. It appears that since I last saw it the buyers have had their usual input and had some wings added and amended the central crest but theres no mistaking the print. It was always tricky to design for this client as the imagery they were prepared to use in the graphics was extremely limited, they wanted to acheive a gothic, etherial, All-Saints style without using skulls, crucifixes or other similar emotive imagery. I think this design strikes the balance though.

Some more pyjamas in production

I’m particularly pleased with the way the check turned out on this set as the idea was to emulate a cosy, aerie/Jack Wills style plaid and I think we’ve acheived this. It makes a nice change to incorporate some sketchy florals into nightwear

Two new lines I designed for Camille. Commercial, but still quite fun and very strictly to brief.


I have been working on lots of lovely hand-rendered girlswear designs for Adams recently. Its nice to have an opportunity to incorporate some original illustrations. This is one of my sketches I have been working with:

New Strictly Come Dancing Girls’ Clothing Range At Mothercae

I do all my licensed placement graphics via a third party, so I’m never sure where they could end up as the style guides containing my designs may be sold to anyone. Designs from the Strictly Come Dancing range I worked on last year have found their way to Mothercare which is a great retail platform for the collection.

New designs at

I’ve not blogged for a while as I’ve been completely swamped with work, and much of it consists of things that can’t be released in the public domain yet, so I’ve not had much to share.

The new season collection is now online at, and here are some of my graphics that feature:

What I Wore Today…

I’ve joined the ranks of some of my illustration heroes, the likes of Gemma Correll, Amy Blackwell and Kate Wilson on Gemma’s 'What I Wore Today' Flickr Photo stream. What a Wheeze.

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbour’s Shoes

I’m working on Miffy licensed girlswear this week which unusually for licensed is quite a lovely brief.

I spent the weekend visiting friends in London. While mooching about the usual haunts (Urban Outfitters/Shoreditch/Angel) I came across the work of James Hamilton Butler which I find very inspirational. I’d like to think its the style of illustration I’d be producing if all my time weren’t spent on commercial projects. And I was interested to find out he also studied at Manchester.

While in london I also did some digging and found out that the Ash Viper trainers I so covet are sold out worldwide but will be available again in January. Counting the months…

I feel honoured to have been mentioned in a blog of a designer I admire, Jen of Frilldesign. I’ve been a fan of social networking online for almost 10 years now and I love that you can connect with likeminded folk so effortlessly

New Lost My Dog Designs

We’ve added a couple of new designs to the range of merchandise I’ve created for my chums at record label Lost My Dog. Its really nice to work on something completely self-directed but still within a commercial famework. This tote features the new abstract design, which I’m really pleased with as I think its the most ‘me’ thing I’ve done in a long time.

More S/S 2010 Girlswear graphics…

I’m almost finished with this tribal brief, perhaps another half day.

First I had to create some summertime situations for the characters I designed yesterday. Its a while since I did this kind of work so I really enjoyed it. I had them shopping in Miami, taking surf lessons and going to the beach…

I had to come up with a friend for the tribal zebra I did earlier in the week, and I’m quite pleased with how the feather-hair girl turned out as the brief actually said “this could be a tough one”…

I’m in-house at Next tomorrow on older boys jersey for the first time in ages. I’ve got used to working at my own pace (which usually means late into the night) so it will make a change to be working directly with the client and finish at 5pm!

And one day I might actually figure out how to size my jpegs so the resolution is better on here…

More directional ladies fashion placement prints

Well I finally got all 4 complete, here’s the other 3. I would love to be able to really indulge in briefs like this, and lavish time and care on each design but they really have to be thrown together to an extent as I’m expected to produce 4 in one day at least.

This week is really hectic as I have projects for 3 different clients all with back to back deadlines so there’s no room for overlapping. It’s starting to feel like the super-busy days when I started freelancing full time back in Jan 2008 and I was doing 70-80 hours some weeks. Its not quite at that level just yet though!

Back to the tribal brief tomorrow, but for baby this time…

Directional ladies fashion prints

I’m working on ladies fashion today which makes a nice change from kids and nightwear. The brief (and I use that term loosely - when I do ladieswear, I rarely get a nice clear, specific brief) calls for etherial, ambiguous imagery with hand sketch and paint techniques. I always struggle when I’m faced with this kind of project as in essence its got to look like nothing, but its still got to be something and that’s a real challenge.

I’m enjoying splashing the paints around and doing some hand rendering though, and the eagle design above it the fruits of this mornings labours. I’ve got to produce at least another 3 in that vein though so I’d better get on…