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Experimenting with collection art inspired by Mary Jo Hoffman and Camilla Engman

imageOlive enjoying some rays. At least one of the team is getting out in the fresh air!

Playing with sparklers and slow shutter speeds

Thrilled to have my photography featured on The High Line Blog. New York in Autumn was incredible. I can’t believe it was almost a whole year ago…

During our recent holiday in Mallorca, we visited this exhibition of Picasso ceramics at Sóller. I love how they wouldn’t look out of place were they on sale somewhere like Anthropologie today, being so functional and vibrant. I could imagine them in my own home. Wishful thinking!

So the last weekend in April is historically fine and bright. Hence thinking it would be a good idea to go camping in Wales…. Well if we can smile through 48 hours under canvas in the wettest, coldest April on record, then I reckon there’s no camping challenge too great for us.

Our house featured in the Winter 2011 Ikea Live magazine. There’s a lot of Swedish homeware under this roof.

A New York Wedding

Two of my best friends got married while we were in New York. It was a great excuse to practice with my new lens.

One of the best experiences of our trip to New York was walking the High Line from 30th St right down into the Meatpacking District.


I’ve been a fan of Tracy Morter for a while, initially becoming aware of her when her husband Jon requested my permission to use my illustration as one of the mastheads of the #savebbc6music campaign. Then latterly for the Rage Against The Machine Christmas number one brouhaha. I keenly follow her photography on Flickr and she has a shiny new blog and website showcasing her work.

Back in the summer, Tracy was kind enough to reply to my email asking for her advice on which lens I should buy when I was asked to take photos for Spotify at the Big Chill. After further consideration I ended up going with her suggestion of investing in a good prime rather than a zoom and I haven’t looked back.

I’m busy recommending her to my friends who all seem to be planning weddings all of a sudden, so hopefully if one of them decides to book Tracy I can annoy the hell out of her by picking her brains while she’s working tell her in person that she’s an inspiration. 

Image © Tracy Morter 

Spotify Big Chill Sessions Photography Mission. I was fortunate enough to be asked to take some photographs for Spotify for their backstage sessions at the Big Chill Festival 2011. It was a tiny, hot room full to burst with people but I managed to get a couple of shots I was happy with.

My first photo in print editorial for July’s Cooler magazine.

I’ve got a new toy…

…A 50mm f/1.8 lens that is a cheap way to start playing with wide aperture. Perfect for capturing the kind of shots I love to take, naturalistic, low light still life and portraits. I had the perfect excuse to try it out this weekend at the Featherdown Farm in Herefordshire where we celebrated Phil’s 30th birthday.

Convalescence & Flickr

Recovering from my recent op, I’m confined to a chair most of the day but have thankfully unearthed a decrepit old laptop. Its super-slow so not a hope in hell of running any design software but it means I can connect to the internet and I’ve been spending a lot time on flickr.

I mentioned before I’ve been doing a photography evening course and learning how to get the best from my digital SLR. I am finding that Flickr is really effective as a platform to display my photos and gain inspiration from others, and its nice to open into dialogue and be connected to a community other than facebook while I’m feeling so separated from the world.

While I chuck all my event, friends & family snaps on Facebook to share with my pals, I’m using flickr more as a gallery for my more considered photography. Alongside photo sets of my travels and college projects, I’ve just decided to create a set of images I captured in the days before DSLR, or even digital, and above is the first…

Portraiture Project

Every week on my photography course we are set specific projects. This week it was posing people for portraiture. We were set this assignment last term too and I found it one of the most difficult as its much harder than it looks to capture people in a relaxed, natural pose when they feel anything other than that. Here are my efforts on a weekend mountain bike ride with a very long suffering Mr. Phirefly…