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Very excited to see my best friends’ wedding on Love My Dress along with the table plan I created the graphics for (concept entirely devised by the very creative groom I must add!)

Images © Theresa Furey 2013

A fun doodle print onesie I designed is now in store at F&F. It’s extra satisfying when a hand-drawn print makes it to production….

My latest placement graphic for F&F celebrates the Baroque trend

Here’s a couple of my bright, fun spring designs for F&F Europe

The fruits of Invitationgeddon… A joint undertaking by Phirefly Ltd & Phormular Ltd

Some new designs at F&F feature my pencil sketches

A Christmas pyjama gift set I designed for F&F is now on sale…

Our wedding Save The Date cards, made from luggage labels, address stickers and Washi Tape…

My Cat Christmas pyjama design is on sale at F&F. Makes buying gifts for godchildren a bit easier!

Some of my new AW12 girls designs are now on sale at F&F

My surfy design features on this Trespass T-shirt. I used to do a lot of work for a trend and graphics agency. They resell designs on to a huge variety of clients so I never know where my artworks will show up. It’s always interesting to spot them when they do, as in the case of this one.

Seeing this horse print tee that I painted on sale is that little bit extra special for me. My 14 year old horse-mad niece was with me when I was completing the finishing touches to the design and I ended up giving her the original watercolour. Not all designs make it to production, so it was nice when this one did as I was able to buy one for her (no free samples!!) and I quietly left it hanging on her wardrobe door when she was out one day as a surprise. She loves it!

My crabby PJ design for F&F has turned out nice and bright for spring!

I’m pleased with how these floral PJs for F&F have turned out. It was a tricky print to design.

Further adventures with Prospero Paul today involved this 
Easy Brownie recipe from cacaoweb.