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My smiling cat sketch has been blown up to HUGE proportions for this girls tee!

My latest placement graphic for F&F celebrates the Baroque trend

Some new designs at F&F feature my pencil sketches

My Cat Christmas pyjama design is on sale at F&F. Makes buying gifts for godchildren a bit easier!

Some of my new AW12 girls designs are now on sale at F&F

 My ‘Not A Morning Person’ nightie design is now on sale at F&F. I never know which of my designs are going to make it all the way through from development to production so its always a nice surprise when ones I really liked turn up in the range, like this one!

I’m pleased with how this hem print graphic for F&F turned out. I had to gradient map every single individual flower and butterfly to sit within the palette and the master artwork ended up having the most layers of any design I’ve ever done and was a whopping 100mb. The final printed garment really does the digital design justice though, which is always nice.

Some of my new girlswear designs are now in F&F. These three show the variety of techniques I use, from photographic imagery in the teacup print, then vector artwork used in the girl butterfly placement, through to a floral all-over repeat pattern in the bottom T.

My Ice Cream Girl illustration for F&F is now on a set in store.

My cherry graphic for F&F is looking cheerful on this freezing February day!

My funky dog T now available in F&F Central Europe

Some girls T-shirts I designed for F&F are in store now. I’m particularly pleased with how the shoes one turned out.

I remember designing this leopard print for Next. Unbelievably, it took a whole day. I often cite it as an example of how even the simplest concept can take forever quite a while to be realised when several people are involved in a decision making process.

1st Girlswear design in store at Tesco. I started working with Tesco in May, and wasn’t expecing to see any of my designs hit the stores until spring 2011 as thats what we were working on then. This one must have been pulled forward though. Its been a long time coming but its a real buzz to see my work at Britains’ largest retailer.