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My smiling cat sketch has been blown up to HUGE proportions for this girls tee!

My latest design in F&F. Goes up to age 13-14 so I was able to get one for my Mum.

 My ‘Not A Morning Person’ nightie design is now on sale at F&F. I never know which of my designs are going to make it all the way through from development to production so its always a nice surprise when ones I really liked turn up in the range, like this one!

Some of my new girlswear designs are now in F&F. These three show the variety of techniques I use, from photographic imagery in the teacup print, then vector artwork used in the girl butterfly placement, through to a floral all-over repeat pattern in the bottom T.

I’ve decided to design my own cards this year at long last (don’t we ALL look at the ones in the shops and think ‘I could do better’ then never actually do.) This year I was motivated to do so by the great working relationships I’ve developed and I wanted to do something special for all my loyal clients.

The design features my omnipresent hound Rene and, this being a non-commerical endeavor, is unashamedly inspired by Sanna Annukka and Eleanor Grosch, two illustrators I admire hugely.

1st Girlswear design in store at Tesco. I started working with Tesco in May, and wasn’t expecing to see any of my designs hit the stores until spring 2011 as thats what we were working on then. This one must have been pulled forward though. Its been a long time coming but its a real buzz to see my work at Britains’ largest retailer.

"Ace Cartoon Artwork"…

… According to Mixmag

High Summer Ts in store at Tu Clothing, Sainsbury’s

One of my designs used in marketing material, above…

Lost My Dog “5 Years and Still Looking” CD…

…Featuring my artwork is released in July, but here’s a sneak peak courtesy of Pete Dafeet…

My Work Featured on legendary blog ‘Print & Pattern’ via Pink Light Design

Its so exciting to see my own work featured on a blog I use myself as an inspirational bible, above is a design I created for Mary Beth Freet’s Pink Light Design studio. Full article here

I’ve got a new toy…

…A 50mm f/1.8 lens that is a cheap way to start playing with wide aperture. Perfect for capturing the kind of shots I love to take, naturalistic, low light still life and portraits. I had the perfect excuse to try it out this weekend at the Featherdown Farm in Herefordshire where we celebrated Phil’s 30th birthday.

Branding badges and repeat prints feature on Next Girlswear garment

This girlswear garment currently available at Next features graphics and repeat prints I created. heres the original artwork below:

Portraiture Project

Every week on my photography course we are set specific projects. This week it was posing people for portraiture. We were set this assignment last term too and I found it one of the most difficult as its much harder than it looks to capture people in a relaxed, natural pose when they feel anything other than that. Here are my efforts on a weekend mountain bike ride with a very long suffering Mr. Phirefly…