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My smiling cat sketch has been blown up to HUGE proportions for this girls tee!

A fun doodle print onesie I designed is now in store at F&F. It’s extra satisfying when a hand-drawn print makes it to production….

My latest placement graphic for F&F celebrates the Baroque trend

Here’s a couple of my bright, fun spring designs for F&F Europe

 Here’s a sketchy skull graphic pyjama I designed for F&F…

Some of my brief designs feature on FFmoda this season. Although they’re small and seemingly simple, 5pk briefs are one of the trickiest things I design. Often, it’s not one but 5 different ideas needed and they all have to sit together cohesively. For example in the bottom image, I had to think of 5 different pets, all doing different things. Ok, so a squirrel isn’t strictly a pet…

Here’s a little step by step process showing how I create watercolour placement graphics for regular silkscreen production.^ First, I design the basic layout using a wacom pen in illustrator.

^ Then I take each individual shape and separate it out onto an A4 page. I turn everything pale grey so I can see it on a print-out, but it won’t effect the watercolour.

^ Once the pale grey shapes are printed onto watercolour paper, I paint them in with black paint.

^ The painted shapes are scanned in at 500dpi. I up the contrast in levels and change the image size to 300dpi with Resample Image unchecked. I then convert the entire thing to bitmap with a diffusion dither.

Using the lasso, I select each individual shape, copy, then paste into my illustrator artwork.

^ I rasterise these shapes at 300ppi.

^ They can now be changed to any colour.

^ This process is then repeated with each separate element of the design, the original vector art is kept in place as a guide.

^ Once all of the separate elements are assembled, the artwork is ready for output.

My latest design in F&F. Goes up to age 13-14 so I was able to get one for my Mum.

 My ‘Not A Morning Person’ nightie design is now on sale at F&F. I never know which of my designs are going to make it all the way through from development to production so its always a nice surprise when ones I really liked turn up in the range, like this one!

My Cheeky Monkey pyjama set with hand puppet featuring on, the online magazine of F&F Poland.

1st Girlswear design in store at Tesco. I started working with Tesco in May, and wasn’t expecing to see any of my designs hit the stores until spring 2011 as thats what we were working on then. This one must have been pulled forward though. Its been a long time coming but its a real buzz to see my work at Britains’ largest retailer.

Branding badges and repeat prints feature on Next Girlswear garment

This girlswear garment currently available at Next features graphics and repeat prints I created. heres the original artwork below:

New Watercolour Butterfly Designs for Next Girlswear

Here are two handpainted watercolour designs I have done for Next Girlswear available here. Its tricky to produce artworks which have a true watercolour quality that can be commerically outputted with standard screen inks. I’ve developed a way of creating this kind of design which gives it a true painterly quality while only requiring standard output process with a limited number of screens.

New Designs in Adams

A couple of my designs now available at Adams kidswear

Dinosaur Print Tee at Next

Drawing dinosaurs from scratch is never a walk in the (Jurassic) park, particularly when the client is Next, who are scrupilous about copyright law and insist that all images generated are completely original and bear no discernable resemblance to any source material.
I was pleased how this one turned out though considering dinosaur drawing is not exactly comfort zone work and I managed to acheive the painterly effect that the brief required. And, unusually for Next, my first draft, completely un-amended design went straight to production. Although that was probably more of a timescale thing than a design-perfection thing!
See it online here.