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I’ve been a fan of Tracy Morter for a while, initially becoming aware of her when her husband Jon requested my permission to use my illustration as one of the mastheads of the #savebbc6music campaign. Then latterly for the Rage Against The Machine Christmas number one brouhaha. I keenly follow her photography on Flickr and she has a shiny new blog and website showcasing her work.

Back in the summer, Tracy was kind enough to reply to my email asking for her advice on which lens I should buy when I was asked to take photos for Spotify at the Big Chill. After further consideration I ended up going with her suggestion of investing in a good prime rather than a zoom and I haven’t looked back.

I’m busy recommending her to my friends who all seem to be planning weddings all of a sudden, so hopefully if one of them decides to book Tracy I can annoy the hell out of her by picking her brains while she’s working tell her in person that she’s an inspiration. 

Image © Tracy Morter