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I remember designing this leopard print for Next. Unbelievably, it took a whole day. I often cite it as an example of how even the simplest concept can take forever quite a while to be realised when several people are involved in a decision making process.

Boys’ Monster Truck top I designed for Next - I’d quite like a pair of those duck boots myself…

Branding badges and repeat prints feature on Next Girlswear garment

This girlswear garment currently available at Next features graphics and repeat prints I created. heres the original artwork below:

New Watercolour Butterfly Designs for Next Girlswear

Here are two handpainted watercolour designs I have done for Next Girlswear available here. Its tricky to produce artworks which have a true watercolour quality that can be commerically outputted with standard screen inks. I’ve developed a way of creating this kind of design which gives it a true painterly quality while only requiring standard output process with a limited number of screens.

Next Boys Embroidered Triceratops T-shirt now in store

Above, the original design created in Photoshop

I’m happy with the way this one has turned out almost exactly how I designed it. Available at Next

Dinosaur Print Tee at Next

Drawing dinosaurs from scratch is never a walk in the (Jurassic) park, particularly when the client is Next, who are scrupilous about copyright law and insist that all images generated are completely original and bear no discernable resemblance to any source material.
I was pleased how this one turned out though considering dinosaur drawing is not exactly comfort zone work and I managed to acheive the painterly effect that the brief required. And, unusually for Next, my first draft, completely un-amended design went straight to production. Although that was probably more of a timescale thing than a design-perfection thing!
See it online here.

New designs at

I’ve not blogged for a while as I’ve been completely swamped with work, and much of it consists of things that can’t be released in the public domain yet, so I’ve not had much to share.

The new season collection is now online at, and here are some of my graphics that feature:

Self employment and sickness…

…Don’t go together all that well. This weekend I’ve had chronic stomach pains and as a result have had next to no sleep. Terrible timing as I was supposed to be working in-house at Next today. Its extremely rare that illness affects my capacity to work, but today there was no way I was up to going in. Its a gentle reminder that you have to take extra care of yourself when you’re self-employed as no one else is going to do the work for you or hand out sick pay.

I’m feeling better this afternoon though and should be fine to get back to it tomorrow and my client at Next was extremely understanding and I’m going in next week instead now.

Apart from the bouts of sickness this weekend, we had lots up fun dressing up the hounds and eachother at my friend Charlotte’s house which always seems to evoke eccentric behaviour…

Next Childrenswear designs in store now

Childrenswear designs I started working on for Next almost a year ago are starting to filter through into the shops. Heres a couple on the website…

Its rewarding to see them finally on sale…