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New Designs in Adams

A couple of my designs now available at Adams kidswear


I have been working on lots of lovely hand-rendered girlswear designs for Adams recently. Its nice to have an opportunity to incorporate some original illustrations. This is one of my sketches I have been working with:

More S/S 2010 Girlswear graphics…

I’m almost finished with this tribal brief, perhaps another half day.

First I had to create some summertime situations for the characters I designed yesterday. Its a while since I did this kind of work so I really enjoyed it. I had them shopping in Miami, taking surf lessons and going to the beach…

I had to come up with a friend for the tribal zebra I did earlier in the week, and I’m quite pleased with how the feather-hair girl turned out as the brief actually said “this could be a tough one”…

I’m in-house at Next tomorrow on older boys jersey for the first time in ages. I’ve got used to working at my own pace (which usually means late into the night) so it will make a change to be working directly with the client and finish at 5pm!

And one day I might actually figure out how to size my jpegs so the resolution is better on here…

Tribal Rhythm S/S 2010 Toddler Girlswear Brief

I’ve had fun with this brief today. The palette and imagery are much more adventurous than usual for commercial toddler girlswear.

Its a complete contrast to the way I was working yesterday where I was given some images of samples the customer liked and asked to produce something along those lines. With today’s project, I was given a very detailed brief with a numbered list of descriptions of designs required and lots of inspirational material for each.

I prefer working in the latter way as then the client gets precisely what they want. Working in the former way is great if you have plenty of time to get into the brief and develop an aesthetic direction, but thats extremely challenging in a short timeframe.

Paisley Park

A paisley design for the tribal brief…

Tribal girlswear butterfly print

I’ve been continuing with the tribal brief, completing the artwork above which will be a oversize front placement. I’ve been developing ways to create etherial painterly and photographic effects which are still solid colour and therefore viable for standard screen output and this butterfly is an example of this technique.

I’m off to Manchester now to visit some old friends and soak up some big-city culture (and no doubt get my Urban Outfitters fix)

Have a good weekend!

Working from home on a sunny day - tribal girlswear brief

I’ve been working on a great brief today for older girlswear 2010, incorporating some lovely tribal elements. There’s been lots of hand-rendering involved at this stage so I’ve been lucky enough to sit outside and work in the garden and enjoy the gorgeous weather we’ve had today. The jolly pair above who started life in the sunshine will hopefully end up on a girls tee on the high street.

This has been my studio for the day:

My colleague is a bit lazy…

But the locals are friendly.

Britain’s Got Talent brief nears completion & more work for Adams

Sometimes I’ll enjoy a brief so much more than others and find it really easy to complete, and theres no obvious reason why. the Britain’s Got Talent project has been one of these. Perhaps its a combination of a good client, who in turn has a good client, both really decisive and constructive. Above is a watercolour sketch design for boyswear based on the one I already did for girlswear which they loved

Hopefully this latest round of amendments and recolours is the last and the project will be signed off.

I had a lovely email from the designer at Adams with some great feedback on the recent watercolour designs I completed for her and a request for lots more work from me. Adams is another good client, with concise design briefs and clear design direction, and not too unnecessarily picky so I’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks working with them.

Watercolour designs for Adams

I’m back to the days of burning the midnight oil again. Which is no bad thing considering. This week I’ve been working on a real mixed bag, fistly some branding and World cup Ts for Tu Clothing, and today I’ve been splashing the paints around to create the watercolour print above for Adams girlswear. The rest of the week I’m back to Britain’s Got Talent, the boys range this time. And there was I thinking that with the downturn I’d finally get chance to enjoy working on some self directed projects. Maybe next week…